OUR MISSION is to provide assistance to seniors and their families with decision-making, downsizing and moving, as well as emotional support during the entire relocation process.

Each individual goes through a number of changes during the course of a lifetime. When you or a loved one find that it is time to make a transition from your current home to a smaller house, apartment, nursing home or assisted living facility, we can help. We specialize in helping you organize, downsize, and transition into your new living space, leaving stress behind.

Please call for your FREE one hour in home consultation at #508-320-1518.




  • Expert planning and oversight advice from the start of your move to the finish
  • Hands on sorting and packing services
  • Opportunities to save time, effort and reduce STRESS
  • Chaos-free rightsizing
  • Dispersal of all items not destined for your new location
  • Settle-in services that will leave you feeling at home